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  • Why is the video incoherent when playing on the computer?

      Install another video player or try a new formatted high speed memory card.

  • The dash cam doesn’t boot up when connecting to car charger, why?

      Make sure you are using the original car charger.

  • What can i do when the dash cam system crashes or doesn’t boot up ?

      Pull out the SD or TF card and press the power button; if it doesn’t work, use a toothpick or something pointed to poke the reset hole and then press the power button again.

  • Why is there noise when recording?

      Because of low battery, please make sure the DVR is fully charged.

  • Why is there a stripe interference when recording?

      It depends on wrong settings of power supply frequency, try to set 50Hz or 60Hz according the local power supply frequency.

  • Why is the picture not perfect when shooting indoors or under overcast sky?

      You need to adjust the white balance.

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  • Camera gets HOT

      It is normal for your camera to run slightly hot. Due to the higher video resolution, the dashcam may be hot during using. (no more than 140* F/60PC).

  • My Video playback on PCis lagging

      You are viewing high-bit rate version of video files. General computer configuration may haveproblem with faster data processing. Please record videos at lower resolutionand try again. Contact us if problem still persists.

  • How to interrupt the WiFi when connect with phone?

      When it connects to your phone via WiFi, you will not be able to operate this device. If youwantto operate it, please long press "EMERGENCY BUTTON" to disconnect or restart the device.

  • Camera turns ON/ OFF frequently automatically

      Please reset your camera. Please make sure that "Motion Detection" is set to OFF. Also Pleasemake sure "Auto Power Off" "Parking Mode" is also set to OFF.

  • Why it's power off when I driving?

      If no operation is detected after 3 minute(default setting), the dash cam will enter screen-savermode. Press any button will reactivate the. screen. If your don't need this function, youl can turnoff the back light.

  • How to change the right Timezone and date?

      Please go to camera's system settings> Time Zone Setting > Set your correct GMT value> Setyour time? OK to confirm Please press button "M* for twice, select "Timezone Setting press button"OK and select yourTimezoon. And select "Date/Time , change the right time.

       Note:Don't forget press button "M" so that time and time zone can be set successfully.

  • What should I do with the AZDOME dash cam firstly?

      Please format your Micro SD/TF Card in dash cam:On the Video Mode,Please press button "M" for twice, then press button down "v" for 11 times and select "Format".Select "OK" and pressbutton "OK".

  • The video misty and dim after recording, what’s wrong with it?

      Clean the lens and the windshield.

  • The DVR stops recording automatically, what should I do?

      Check the settings of loop recording; check the video recording format to save space; use high speed SDHC TF card.

  • What should i do when pause and frame skip occur in video and picture playback?

      Format your SD or TF card, check if your card is original.

  • Why do pictures appear to be black or too bright?

      The auto-exposure function is influenced by high-contrast scenes, you need to adjust the light sensitivity.