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★【3 Channel or 4 channel Dash Cam for Car】The AZDOME M660 offers flexible recording options. In 3-CH mode, it captures video in 4K resolution for the front camera and Full HD resolution for the two additional channels. In 4-CH mode, it records in 2K resolution for the front camera and Full HD resolution for the three additional channels. This allows you to choose the configuration that best suits your needs for capturing multiple angles and perspectives simultaneously.

★【Built-in GPS】AZDOME M660 features a built-in GPS module that provides accurate location data. This allows you to track your route, speed, and other important information during your journeys. 

★【Built-in 5G WiFi】AZDOME M660 is equipped with 5G Wi-Fi, enabling fast and stable wireless connectivity. 

★【eMMC 128GB】The M660 comes with a built-in eMMC storage capacity of 128GB. This provides ample space for storing your video recordings without the need for an external memory card. The eMMC storage offers fast access and reliable performance, ensuring that you have sufficient storage for your footage.

★【4G Module (Optional)】The M660 offers an optional 4G module, enabling connectivity to mobile networks. With the 4G module, you can remotely access and control the dashcam using a mobile app, even when you're not in the vehicle. This allows you to view live video feeds, download recorded footage, and adjust settings from anywhere with a cellular connection.

★【EN Voice Control】The M660 supports voice control in English, allowing you to operate the dashcam hands-free.

  2. SPECS

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  • M660 4-CH 4G 3.0”Screen

    · 3-CH: 4K+FHD+FHD
    · 4-CH: 2K+FHD+FHD+FHD
    · 5G Wi-Fi
    · GPS
    · Bluetooth
    · Super Capacitor
    · EN Voice control
    · Type-C Port
    · eMMC 128GB Storage
    · 4G Module( Optional )